Lead Organisation

South East Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD): Drug & Alcohol Services, located at The Langton Centre (TLC) (Surry Hills) and St George Drug and Alcohol Service (Kogarah)

Participant Target Group

1. Overdose prevention programs including naloxone supplies provided to clients of D&A Services, SESLHD

2. Education programs re: overdose prevention available for families, friends and carers, with client consent

3. Training and support to services establishing OD prevention programs using naloxone also available

Sites for Training Delivery

Health services / providers working with opioid users (including illicit and prescription opioids)

Scripting and Dispensing Arrangements

Overdose prevention kit provided free of charge to client includes 2 x 0.4mg naloxone Minijets, and related equipment

Delivered By

Clinical staff (e.g. nurses, HEOs, allied health, doctors, pharmacists)

Training Duration

Client training conducted as part of brief intervention (includes prescription and dispensing). Total intervention usually takes 15-20 minutes. Training of other service providers usually conducted in 2 sessions (one project meeting with management befor

Evaluation Methodology

Formal evaluation completed. No longer part of research project. 

Quality improvement framework available for services establishing OD programs using naloxone.

Program Contacts

A/ Prof Nick Lintzeris (Director, SESLHD D&A Services)  [email protected]



Commencement Date

October 2014