Anex photo competition

Win a $250 prize for your NSP

Friday 28 February 2014 00:00 – Wednesday 9 April 2014 00:00

The Event

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Do you want to promote your service and the good work it does?

It is time for NSP workers and their services to take centre stage.  We are looking for photos of NSP heroes engaging in what they do best, providing good support to their clients.

We all know that communications with photos are more engaging.  People are more likely to stop and read the story, and a photo helps connect on an emotional level.  We are asking you to help us improve our communications around the value of NSP services by building a better photo library.

All entries will go into the draw to win $250, to be awarded to the winning NSP service. Some ideas on what funds could be spent on are:

  • an event for your clients
  • PD opportunity for a staff member
  • a learning resource
  • piece of equipment for the service
  • You can submit multiple images, the more entries the better chance you have of winning.

What should be in the photo:

  • Interaction is the hero of the image
  • Close up shots that have no more than 2 or 3 people
  • Positive images that show at least one facial expression
  • Images taken above the waist

In the image, you could be talking with a client in a formal setting such as the reception desk/office, or in a more relaxed setting like a lounge area or park.  You could be going through an information brochure or explaining/demonstrating an item from your service.  Or you could be engaging with a co worker – the possibilities are endless.

Take photos yourself or use this competition as an interactive activity to engage clients; they could be photographers for the morning.

Terms, conditions and instructions:

  1. Photo size: between 100KB – 1MB
  2. Photo format: jpg
  3. Download the Anex Photo Consent Form 2014
  4. Complete it in full.
  5. This must accompany all image/s.
  6. All photographic subjects are required to complete a release form.

Please email completed releases form and photos to [email protected]

Closing date: Wednesday 9 April 2014

If you have any questions please contact Anex on 03 9650 0699 or email [email protected] 

Thank you and good luck

Date & Time

Friday 28 February 2014 – Wednesday 9 April 2014