In 2013, the CREIDU Translation Sub-Committee identified naloxone as one of two key priority work areas. During late 2013 and early 2014, CREIDU undertook some exploratory consultation with key stakeholders to identify translation-related strategies which would most assist the sector during this period of development and change. One of the identified strategies was to form a national reference group for key stakeholders involved in jurisdictional naloxone programs to share information and strategise for expanding take home naloxone programs in Australia. The group, named the Naloxone National Reference Group or NNRG (pronounced 'energy'), was formed in early 2014 and meets regularly. A program of work identified by NNRG is being pursued by CREIDU in a number of areas.

For more information about NNRG, please contact Penny Hill via

Current Area of Focus

The group will participate in discussion of:

  • Structure and mode of delivery of existing naloxone programs
  • Successes in implementation
  • Issues and challenges in implementation
    • Legal
    • Policy
    • Regulatory
    • Practice
  • Evaluation of naloxone programs
  • Explore opportunities for further implementation
  • Engagement of professionals and community members
  • Media and public relations

Member Agencies

Summary of Programs