Lead Organisation

WA Health Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO) and Western Australian Substance Users Association (WASUA)

Other Organisations Involved

National Drug Research Institute (NDRI), Street Doctor

Participant Target Group

Opioid users

Workers from homeless shelters, outreach workers and other front-line agencies

Family members/significant others/friends of opioid users/regular witnesses of overdose

Sites for Training Delivery

Needle syringe/exchange programs run by DAO

Primary healthcare centres

Homeless shelters and drop-in-centres

Alcohol and other drug services


Training venues (accessible via public transport)

Scripting and Dispensing Arrangements

Scripted and dispensed during training (free to participants)

Only participants who identify as opioid users, current and past, may be prescribed naloxone

Delivered By

1 x Peer educator + 1 x Drug and Alcohol Trainer/First Aid Instructor

Training Duration

2.5 hours

Evaluation Methodology

Pre and post questionnaires   

Follow up interviews

Data collection on reversals/script refilling

Program Contacts

Grace Oh  [email protected]

Paul Dessauer  [email protected]


Active (planned duration 2 years)

Commencement Date

January 2013