Yarra City Council responds to the North Richmond Public Injecting Impact Study

June 2014

The Yarra City Council has reviewed the recommended actions from this report and taken action across all thirteen recommendations.

The Burnet Institute report, "North Richmond Public Injecting Impact Study” by Dr Robyn Dwyer, Professor Robert Power and Professor Paul Dietze was released on Monday 20 May, 2013.

The report identified increasing high rates of heroin-related overdose attendances by Ambulance Victoria, a four-fold increase in the past two years in the collection of needles and syringes from disposal bins and street-sweeps, and a lack of access to sterile injecting equipment after hours and on weekends leading to a medium to high risk of blood-borne virus infection among people who re-used syringes.

The research was conducted by the Burnet Institute in partnership with the Yarra Drug and Health Forum, the City of Yarra, and North Richmond Community Health Centre, and was funded by CREIDU.

Thirteen key recommendations were drawn from the report.

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