Doctor Marianne Jauncey, Doctor Allison Salmon


There is no current forum for discussion of practical, operational issues and onsite policies for Drug Consumption Rooms. For example, there are no agreed minimal data collection tools; no suggested guidelines on hygiene procedures within these services; no standards on confidentiality or privacy; no summarized strategies for addressing community and policing issues; no forum for debate on involvement of peers within DCRs; no collated evidence to support DCR policy on neck injecting or minimum standard on the type of equipment to be provided to clients, among other gaps. There is also no centralized forum for collecting research evidence and evaluation findings related to DCRs.


The Network for Drug Consumption Rooms will have the following aims:

  • define and map best practice related to DCR operation;
  • promote innovative practice within DCRs, with the aim of the prevention of drug related deaths and the improvement of health for people who use drugs;
  • exchange and share scientific knowledge;
  • improve and harmonize data collection;
  • provide support and advice on initiation of new DCRs;
  • implement multi-centered research that contributed to increasing the efficacy and efficiency of DCR;
  • support relevant stakeholders from across the world in sharing practices related to working with IDUs attending DCRs;
  • bring together and disseminate the relevant findings, allowing for partners, key stakeholders and Network members to disseminate results, network and engage in transnational learning.

Who Will Benefit?

This project will address an important gap in communication between staff of Drug Consumption Rooms around the world. It will also provide information and evidence to inform the care of people you inject drugs.


2015 – 2016


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